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The purpose of a business card is to provide useful information about you and your business to prospective clients. The actual design of your business card distinguishes you from your competition and provides a striking, memorable impression of who you are and what you represent.

Think about it... how many times have you taken a second look at a business card? How many times have you judged a business based on it’s image?

Postcards can be one of the most powerful marketing tools for a business. It conveys an important image of your brand because it is a tangible/visible representation of the message that you are sending.

Direct mail postcards are great way to send a message into a person's home. Or hand out postcards in person, at conventions, or at your storefront. Use the post cards for displaying upcoming events, store deals and prices, grand opening, etc.

Grove Designs can print and deliver business and post cards, which always command the visual attention of viewers

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